Friday, March 18, 2011

oh.aku akn cube toleh kebelakang.~

What i hate, is what i have become today.
its not about failing to achieve dreams.
not even about regretting the career i' ve chosen.
when Allah have shown all the possible ways to be closer to him.
why did i refuse, 
to follow_
to obey_

may one day,
i'll found the 'I' in me
 the 'I' that would not be effected by surroundings
the 'I' will have his stand
a clear stand
with god s' will....


  1. :)
    u 're de best of what u r now.
    Allah's know the best for u.
    wishing u da best of luck beb!

  2. sley repeat best 3 kali ! hehe..afdol tuu



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